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This is a cool concept; Simply love the groovy music! :) 
Like the clean interface and cute little sprites

This feels like a minigame to me currently rather than a dungeon crawler. I'd love to see some sort of 'battle' mode where you fight the monster you encounter;
In my opinion, that is what is missing from the gameplay. (And I understand that those might not be your future plans for this and what I'm asking would require a lot of development; Like I said it is just my opinion :) )

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This has potential, but is in way too much of an unfinished state for me to comment on the gameplay.  Good to know that you will make chests mean things, and Atk/Def matter.  Maybe they could have weapons (+ATK), shields (+DEF), gold (experience) and potions (HP)?  Make them need keys to open, so they're a bit of a risk/reward mechanic?

You nailed the GB aesthetic, I love the simplified monster, knight, item and door sprites.  Maybe have later levels use more and different music tracks?

Great idea for chests to also require keys, and the plan was for chests to have either ATK+ or DEF+ items but I like your idea of gold and potions also being a possibility. Thanks for the feedback!